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🌱 Unmasking the Psychedelic Illusion: Earth’s Sacrifice for Fake Trips 🍄🌎

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

  In the age of wellness and woke self-discovery, there’s been a surge in products promising consumers a psychedelic journey, claiming to open doors to new realms of consciousness. However, what many fail to see is the hidden cost behind these brands and their enticing promises of a truly hallucinogenic experience. Beneath the veneer of enlightenment promised by certain brands while using their products lies a concerning truth: some companies are harming our beautiful planet to forage functional (non-psychoactive) mushrooms like Chaga, Turkey Tale, Reishi, Amanita Muscaria and others, and most companies are mixing them with untested CBD, HHC, THCa, Delta 8, and even Kratom; all in the pursuit of profit.



   These companies are not just damaging ecosystems, the industry, and the community culture; they’re endangering the very Earth that sustains us. Amanita Muscaria (Fly agaric), Chaga and other functional mushrooms play a crucial role in various ecosystems, and their reckless harvesting and removal from their natural habitats disrupts these delicate balances. Our planet is already grappling with environmental challenges, and it’s disheartening to see companies prioritize their profits over the well-being of the Earth and further abusing the Farm Bill of 2018. Afterall, it is not a diffacult feat to grow these functional mushrooms on your own, or source small batch local functional mushroom cultivators. This is what Doc & Myco Munchies does! Every mushroom that goes into any of our products are single source, or (very rarely) we are the second batch of hands to touch those mushrooms. We have COA’s for 90% of our products and plenty of media on our cultivation set ups. We produce our own cultures, we cross our own strains, we are as single source as you have ever heard of in the functional mushroom industry. 


As responsible consumers, it’s essential to be informed and make conscientious choices. Choose companies that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, ones that respect the environment while ensuring the safety of their products. By doing so, we can protect our planet and ourselves, shining a light on the dark reality behind these so-called “psychedelic” products and fostering a healthier, more sustainable future.


Furthermore, the mixing of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms with untested CBD and Delta 8 raises serious safety concerns. These substances can have unpredictable effects on individuals, putting their mental and physical health at risk. The lack of rigorous testing and regulation in this industry means that consumers are essentially guinea pigs for these experimental concoctions. This is not only irresponsible but potentially harmful to those seeking genuine therapeutic experiences.



  I mean seriously, the environmental impact of these practices is undeniable. Foraging Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, often found in fragile forest ecosystems, disrupts the natural balance of these environments. It endangers not only the mushrooms themselves but also the myriad of species dependent on them. We’re witnessing a wanton destruction of biodiversity, all for the sake of a fleeting, and often pointless, ‘recreational’ experience. I repeat, if you buy any of these legal mushroom products from a smoke shop, or online, etc. and expect to actually trip balls, you have another thing coming.. often, nothing at all coming. These companies use eye-grabbing marketing methods, models and certain images that make you feel like you are about to be wavy. These companies are not breaking the law, they are not telling you it is a psilocybin product, nor are they telling you (at face value on the packaging and websites) that it isn’t a psilocybin product. Often times you have to dig deep through the disclaimers and policy pages on these companies websites, usually after eating an awful lot of their crap and feeling nothing, just to find that these products are filled with functional mushrooms and cannabinoids. 


  I’m just here to say that Doc & Myco Munchies has exposed the truth and it’s crucial to peel back the layers of marketing hype and unveil the truth behind products promising psychedelic journeys when in reality the products offered are so legal that a rite aid could sell them. Our planet, our community and culture, our bodies and our well-being deserve better than the reckless exploitation of nature and untested substances. By choosing ethical and sustainable alternatives, purchasing mushrooms & mushroom products from companies with verified single source operations, like Myco Munchies and of course, spreading awareness on these fore-mentioned issues, we can protect both ourselves and the Earth, ensuring a brighter, more honest and more responsible future for ourselves and our children.

Below are some examples of products currently in the market that I believe are mostly good products but are employing shady tactics and even shadier cultivation processes. I could be wrong, and I might get asked to remove this article, I don’t want any issues with any brands, but I do want the consumers to understand what they are purchasing and below are examples of products that could essentially be purchased at a Walmart or Target. 



The misleading packaging and exorbitant prices associated with these so-called “psychedelic mushroom” & these “microdosing” products raise a significant cause for concern, both for consumers and small batch craft brand and business owners. These companies strategically employ imagery and carefully chosen words to create the illusion that consumers will embark on a profound trippy journey, all the while pricing their products near the market standard for genuine psilocybin products. To put it simply; It’s a marketing ploy that preys on the curiosity and desire for exploration within our culture. With the allure of Instagram models, celebrity influencers and musicians, targeted advertisements, and misleading packaging and descriptions, they rake in millions of dollars while offering an experience that 100% of the time falls far short of the expectations they’ve artfully constructed to the masses.

I mean I get it, we have seen this in the cannabis industry globaly for the last few years. Even in legal states at dispensaries I have heard of massive delta 8 sales under the guise of delta9. 

In stark contrast, small-batch companies like Myco Munchies exemplify a commitment to authenticity and quality. They prioritize crafting a genuinely single-source product that delivers a memorable experience every time. Take, for instance, the innovative Psych Sipperz mushroom juice pouches, the world’s first of their kind. This mushroom beverage not only features a patented mushroom-shaped pouch but also employ a unique and concentrated recipe using techniques that sets us apart. Myco Munchies is leading the charge in providing single source, shelf-stable, truly stackable, potent mushroom products, ensuring that consumers receive a genuine and reliable experience, without the smoke and mirrors of the deceptive competition.

At Myco Munchies we strive to create high quality products that provide the effects advertised. We have several staple products, like our Psilosicles (popsicles), our Funky Stix (Pixy Stix), Myco Dip (our take on FunDip), Myco Macs (French Macarons), but our focus is definitely in the beverage category with our signature ‘Psych Sipperz’. The Psych Sipperz have 2grams of our proprietary functional mushroom blend, consisiting of 6 different single source cultivated functional mushroom species: Chaga, Lions Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tale, and Cordyceps. All sipperz (pouches) have the 6-mush blend inside, totaling 2g net weight of our full spectrum, dual processed extract. To put that in lamens terms, we use a net weight of 2 grams of our extract which is equal to 3.5g of dried fruiting body. Additionally you have the option to stack our pouches with COA verified herbs and additional fungus’s. Do your self a real favor and ride the slide, join the wave, and Sip On. The Psych Sipperz are taking over. 

Products like the ones below are clouding the market and fooling the members of our communities. This isn’t a smear campaign, but merely an exposè on the truth behind the shenanigans.